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The lagoon of Moorea


Giant brand and high quality, you can rent bikes from one hour rental up to 8 hours, we can also offer a discount for a longer duration.

Bikes allow you to tour the island, visit the famous Cook Bay ...

Zayak sea sled

The Zayak is a board that allows you to float in calm and clear waters and to see, or photograph, the underwater environment.

Many people are just not comfortable in deep water breathing through a snorkel and having a mask that leaks, "conventional snorkeling equipment" does not meet the needs of millions of people and The dive industry has ignored this market ... until now.

With the Zayak Sea Sled, you float over the water so your face does not need to be submerged, but you see every detail.

You provide propulsion with your hands and feet (flippers are suggested, but not required).

The Zayak Sea Sled offers a view just as excellent as snorkeling, but without a leaky and snorkel-free mask. It allows you to stay on the water longer, rather than in the water, reducing fatigue, exposure and discomfort.

The Zayak Sea Sled offers you your own "glass bottom boat" to study marine life, search for seashells and observe corals.

Pedal boats

Sail effortlessly on the lagoon of Moorea, paddle boats can accommodate 4 people.

Several buoys are at your disposal to attach the pedalo and snorkel.

Tanning, snorkeling or relaxation, they are waiting for you!

Masks "easy breath"

Enjoy a high quality mask that allows for simultaneous and fluid breathing through the mouth and nose.

It offers you a wide field of vision and is specially designed to avoid fogging.

This mask will be provided free of charge on the sea-scooter tour and the lagoonarium tour.

Molokini transparent kayaks

Discover and admire the seabed of the island of Moorea in the new fully transparent boat, the transparent kayak Monokini.

Live an experience that is both magical and fun, alone, as a couple or with your family, and admire the fish and corals parading before your eyes.


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December 2019


Zayak sea sled 30 min - 10 Euros / 1H - 15 Euros

Pedal Boat : 30 min - 10 Euros / 1H 15 Euros

Mask « easy breath » : 12 Euros / Jour

Molokini transparent kayaks : 30 min - 12 Euros / 1 H - 20 Euros


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