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Our Team


Owner / Cameraman / Guide

Nicolas arrived in Polynesia in 1997. He is a dive master, cameraman, and photographer. He will guide you on the Sea Scooter adventure tour. He is also in charge of taking video and pictures on each snorkeling tour. He is a co-manager of the SARL Moorea Water Games.



Owner / Captain / Mechanic

Poto arrived in Polynesia in 1998. He is an experienced snorkeling guide who loves to share his passion for the lagoon of Moorea. He guides the sea scooter outings every day and the coral garden has no secrets for him! He is co-manager of the Moorea SARL water games, Captain of the ship I MUA NUI, and a mechanic.



Captain / Guide

Emmanuel arrived in French Polynesia in 2001. He loves all kinds of activities in and on the water, such as surfing, paddling, windsurfing, and of course, snorkeling! Emmanuel is a qualified boat captain and snorkeling guide. You’ll meet him during your outings, where he’ll share with you his passion for the ocean.



Deborah is Polynesian and has a business background. She’s happy to help customers book tours and rentals, provide them with information, and guide them to their activities. With Deborah on our team, the legendary welcome of the Polynesians  (“Maeva” in Tahitian) takes on its full meaning!