Private Snorkeling tour

Premium snorkel tour to the "Aquarium"


Get a remarkable look at the wildlife of Moorea as you go Snorkeling in the underwater wonders of the Aquarium.

A multitude of tropical fish are waiting amid the vibrant coral reef, and a knowledgeable instructor gives you a new, deep insight into the lives of these creatures of the sea.

After a short bus transfer from your hotel to the Vaiare pier on Moorea's east coast, a boat takes you out to the tiny island of Motu Ahi for your visit to the "Aquarium" Head back to Moorea after an unforgettable experience with the creatures of the tropics. Pick up your snorkeling gear and join a qualified instructor to meet communities of surgeonfish, parrot fish, butterfly fish, damselfish, jacks, stingrays, or even blacktip sharks.

Temae marine reserve is a popular snorkeling spot with clear, warm and calm water that is home to abundant marine life. Dozens of reef fish are visible even in waist deep water. 

Moorea offers great snorkeling inside protected areas on its South Shore. A wide variety of colorful fish, reef life, stunning sea caves and turtles are a feast for the eyes in many of these locations.

The aquarium is one of the best places for snorkeling. The reef in front of the aquarium has easy access to the beach and the waters are clear and calm. It’s here where many reef fish and other marine life that includes crabs, eels and octopuses, are commonly seen.

For more fun under the sea, contact us for an experience offered like no other in the Polynesian Islands.

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540 Euros (647$)

6 Person boat


Afternoon tour

 Flexible duration / 1 to 3 hours